Preview :: Nerd Nite Sydney – Revenge Of The Nerds

November 2nd 2012

Does your Facebook declare that you really, fucking love science? Does the thought of David Attenborough narrating the mating rituals of horny tortoises give you a warm excitable feeling deep inside? Does the thought of the Mars Curiosity Rover being abandoned on the red planet make you shed a tear and think about Wall-E? Do you like your humour irreverent, topical and intellectual, with a couple of cold beers on the side? Maybe you just want to see how university professors function in the real world (imagine that being narrated by David Attenborough)…

Believe it or just believe it okay, there is a night that caters to all of this and it’s held monthly in the depths of Surry Hills. Imagine a signal projected into Sydney’s night sky with the symbol of full-rimmed spectacles… we don’t need a Batman when we have geeks! This is a calling to Sydney’s very own Nerd Nite. Nerd lovers, nerd sympathisers and people who just enjoy getting out of the house in the evenings and educating themselves over a beer (or three); this is the gathering for you. This month’s Nerd Nite features amusing talks on bankers being wankers, a journey through life in numbers – promising to make mathematics fun (a tough task if you ask me, but the number 69 always makes me snigger), and the psychobiology of tattoos in relation to punk music and sadomasochism presented by the comedian Dave Bloustien. Sounds to me like a drunken love child of the Discovery Channel and Comedy Central.

So… be there and be square.

What: Nerd Nite Sydney

Who: Nerds unite!

Where: Café Lounge, 277 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills

When: Wednesday 7th November, 6.30pm for a 7pm start

How Much: Entrance is free, donations accepted on exit


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