Preview :: Late Night Library

June 30th 2011


There are two kinds of people in this world, those that say li-BRARY, and those that say li-BERRY. I think the ‘brary’s among us will always carry a seed of superiority, reserving a special little smirk into our shoulders when we hear a ‘berry creep out. I mean, everyone has the odd slip of the tongue. I have a friend that says Pacific instead of specific and it’s adorable. But there’s somehow something particularly irksome about mispronouncing such a literary word.

Whether you’re a ‘brary or a ‘berry, however, the book joint down Surry Hills way is throwing open its doors to you with their Late Night Library sessions. Forget late night shopping, Thursday’s are now the time to indulge in a little kulcha. Whether it’s erotic fan fiction, erotic teenage diary readings, or erotic singers such as Des Miller, the library just got a whole lot sexier. There’s even wine and cheese. You can’t get much more cultural than that. It's basically like reading The New Yorker while listening to obscure post-rock while at the ballet with Richard Morecroft.

Best of all, it seems the library is just getting warmed up. Tonight you can catch the unbridled passion of teenage diaries, next Thursday sees the musical stylings of the very smooth Mr Miller, and the following week things get personal, as the gorgeous Toby Schmitz, hilarious Claudia O’Doherty and wordsmith/performer Zoe Norton Lodge reveal their familial ups and downs in Stories About My Family.

What: Late Night Library

Where: Surry Hills Library

When: Thursday nights 8.30 – 10.30pm

How much: Free, but bookings essential (to book phone 8374 6230)


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