Giveaway :: Jack McCoy’s ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ Launch

February 15th 2013

PREFACE: As it turns out, a lot of the folk who write for the FBi Flog are nocturnal, almost vampiric creatures. Glowing monitor tans light up our grotesque, deformed faces at late-night gigs, but that’s the only time you’ll see us out of the house. Self-deprecation aside, we were hard pressed finding a writer with vitamin D levels high enough to do an informed piece on ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’  – the new film from legendary surf videographer Jack McCoy. So we asked Alessandro instead.

After some deep digging, I managed to extract the few nuggets of surfing knowledge that lay buried inside my head. Prepare to be enlightened.

I once saw an episode of Scrubs in which an unreasonably egotistical doctor by the name of JD mentions the ‘Silver Surfer’ and uses the phrase “hang ten”. I asked my beach-frequenting friends about it, and they were more than happy to clue me up. Apparently the Silver Surfer is a professional surfperson who once placed second in the prestigious Waterbowl. He’s known for pulling off some of the most intense wave grinding in the world. In fact he once performed a very tricky slam dunk in a barrel!

I’ve recently started to doubt this information though. My friends did giggle a lot while giving me the facts. Plus my original source is a fictional character who once faked his own death in order to get a hug. So I’m not sure what to believe.

What else then? Ah yes. My older brother once took me surfing. Well, that’s what he said we were going to do anyway. He led me out the front of the house, tied my feet to my skateboard, handed me a length of rope and told me to hold on tight. Before I knew it, his ute was towing me at frightening speeds (well, about 10 km/h, but that’s intense when your only tool for survival is a flimsy plank of suicide) while his mates sprayed me with water guns from an adjacent car.

So I know a couple of things about surfing. But if you want a true insight into that world, it’s probably much wiser to head along to Jack McCoy’s DVD launch. On February 19, they’ll be screening his 25th surf feature ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ at Bondi Beach’s Open Air Cinema. Despite all the above silliness, this is a pretty big deal. McCoy was asked personally to make a film clip for some guy called Sir Paul McCartney (below) and ‘Deeper Shade’ is set to be released in 400 cinemas across the breadth of the US. (We bet none of them are in as good a location as Bondi Beach, though.) In fact I have absolutely no qualms in doling out what I’m sure is a tired catchphrase, purely because he is so deserving of it… He is indeed the real McCoy. (ED: boom tish!)


What: ‘Deeper Shade Of Blue’ DVD Launch (Jack McCoy)

Where: Open Air Cinema @ Bondi Beach

When: 7pm, Tuesday 19 February

Prices: Adult $17 / Concession $12 / Star Class $40



We have a double pass to give away to the launch screening of ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’ on DVD on Tuesday night. Yippee! Just email with ‘Jack McCoy’ in the subject line and it could be yours.




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