Preview :: Hola Mexico Film Festival

November 22nd 2013

Mexican Film Festival

Hola Amigos! Prepare yourself for a film fiesta, while armed with a cerveza in one hand, maracas in the other, and a sombrero atop of your head.

The Hola Mexico Film Festival is serving up a banquet of fine films to Sydney-siders from November 27 until December 4.

The ten feature films and six documentaries showcase the very best of Mexican culture and cinema. The festival will also involve party shenanigans to kick off the celebration. Not only will you indulge in foreign films but you will also have the change to dance, eat and drink the night away with an opening night of tequila, tacos and live entertainment.

It’s time to …. Andele Andele, Arriba Aribba! Follow the advice of Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales and head on over to the Hola Mexico Film Festival to book seats. Unsure of where to start, here is little preview of some of the treats you’re in for:


Nosotros Los Nobles

What would happen if the Kardashians could no longer shop till they drop and were forced to forgo their life of luxury? I imagine a whole lot of whining and complaining would arise. Think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, when they were forced to actually do some work in The Simple Life! The #1 Box Office Hit in Mexico, Nosotros Los Nobles, follows a similar premise. Successful construction mogul, Herman Noble, realises his children are using their credit cards in an uncontrollable way. Herman stages a bankruptcy and freezes all his rich kid’s assets so they must live in a poor neighborhood as well as work to earn their money. It’s a simple storyline with a terrific cast and plenty of laughs.



Despues De Lucia

You’ve had some laughs watching Nosotros Los Nobles, now it’s time to take it down a notch. The drama film Despues De Lucia, is a touching and dramatic tale of father and daughter. After the death of his wife, Roberto’s relationship with his 17-year-old daughter, Alejandra, begins to fall apart. All the troubles of a teenage girl are explored- relationships with boys, bullying, school gossip and partying. Spiraling into depression and violence, the brutal drama packs a punch, and it’s not recommended for the fainthearted.



Tlatelolco, Verano Del 68

Is this a modern day Mexican Romeo and Juliet? Two young adults fall in love? Check. There is havoc in society that influences their relationship? Check. They are both from very different social backgrounds? Check. Can the destined couple stay together?! You will have to watch the film! Tlatelolco, Verano 68, is an impossible love story emotional story set against the backdrop of a time that remains controversial in Mexican history. In 1968 Mexico was under the magnifying glass as the first developing country to try and host the Olympic Games. The city erupts into destruction, leading to the Tlatelolco Massacre.



El Paciente Interno

Following with the theme of the Tlatelolco Massacre, El Paciente Interno, is a eye opening documentary about the man who attempted to assassinate the Mexican president, as an act of revenge for the massacre. It is an extraordinary tale about a man who took desperate action during one of Mexico’s most tumultuous eras. Issues of homelessness and mental illness also come into play. So if you know little about Mexican history, why not take a journey to learn about the controversial era?



Suave Patricia

Since the previous three films were pretty heavy on the thinking caps, I thought we could finish with a comedy. Doesn’t everyone love a good comedy with a rag to riches story, men in suits shooting in some good ol’ action scenes, and of course a love interest to finish with the icing on the cake? Suave Patricia has it all. Oscar and Arthur are two struggling actors who perform a routine where one is a thief and the other is a policeman.  They land a gig playing a prank on a dangerous top executive. Suddenly Oscar an Arthur are no longer acting the part but are genuinely in some serious trouble. How will they get out of this pickle?



WHAT ::  Hola Mexican Film Festival
Chauvel Cinemas, Paddington 
Nov 27-Dec 4 
Tickets are approx. $16.50-18.50 for each film.



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