Preview :: Archi-Bottle 2013

September 27th 2013


Tap, tap, tap…

I would like to propose a toast to the happy couple! As wine and art unite, there could be no more perfect match.

The pair were destined to be together and found the expression of their undying love for each other in the Archi-Bottle prize.

Here, Art could lure wine with its colourful, hypnotising creativity, while art was attracted to wine’s ability to produce sensual feelings and crazy dance moves.

So please, everyone, charge your glasses and listen as I tell you a little about Cake Wine’s Archi-Bottle prize…


Dubbed “Australia’s second most prestigious art prize”, the Archi-Bottle is the team at Cake Wine’s annual search for a collaborating artist to design a label for a wine bottle.

Cake Wine is by far our favourite drop, not only because it’s damn delicious but because Cake are total legends who support local creativity and community radio – donating 10% from the sale of every bottle to FBi, 4ZZZ (Bris) and RTR (Perth).

This year the artwork will be pairing with Cake Wines 2013 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. To let you know the personality of the wine, it has been described as:

“a light to medium bodied, approachable white with hints of passion-fruit an tropical notes.”

Creative types are being called on to unite the next power couple together. Participants can enter a bespoke piece or something in their existing body of work.

So if you ever find yourself:

a) Using coloured crayons to draw all over paper cloth tables at restaurants designed for children…

b) Scribbling caricatures of teachers and students rather than writing notes in lectures…

c) Drawing intricate designs on notepads while on hold after calling an official organisation and waiting on hold for copious amounts of time on the phone…

d) Dreaming of the moment you burst out unsuspectingly on the art scene as a creative genius…

e) Or perhaps just the thought of wine will lure you into any situation…

Then YOU should enter the Archi-bottle prize!


Did I also mention there is cash, money, cash involved!

The winner will receive a $2000 cash prize and 5 cases of wine.

I didn’t want to preach without having my own go at an Archi-bottle artwork. Drum roll please, I present to you my tropical influenced white wine goddess…


I hadn’t picked up my coloured pencils to draw since my high school days, when I wore checkered quilts and knee high socks. It was actually quite fun and relaxing to put my headphones on, turn up some sweet tunes and block out the world for a couple of hours while drawing. So go on, grab some paper, pencils, pens, crayons, paint or chalk and get cracking!

Cheers, to a lifetime of happiness and love between art and wine.


WHO: Cake Wines Archi-Bottle Prize 2013

WHAT: Design a label for Cake Wines 2013 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc.

WHERE: Download Guidelines and a Submission pack from Cake Wines Facebook

WHEN: Submissions close October 4

HOW MUCH: You can win $2000 and 5 cases of wine.


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