Premiere :: George Maple – Fixed (Moonbase Commander Remix)

March 27th 2013

As far as I can tell, Sydney’s Moonbase Commander is determined on letting his creativity flow all over the shop, and never becoming ‘that guy’ who is known for producing a certain sound. Over just the last 6 months he’s released vocal-twisting trips, unadulterated bombs of the electro house and trap varieties, and video-game-influenced beats that sound like ‘Thrift Shop‘ on Mars. So it is that with his new remix of the unexpectedly female George Maple (whom we recently interviewed) the producer has added yet more sounds to his palette.

“I fixed my gaze on you,” croons Maple. Moonbase Commander holds a cracked and clouded mirror up to her face, shrouding the warm hum of the music with a deep sense of uneasiness. Maple’s voice echoes back towards her face as it hits the mirror, its essence eerily warped. The air around her shudders each time Moonbase Commander lets his kick drum thump into the ground.

Lost in the mirror, repeating her mantra.

Maple fades.

George Maple | Alessandro Dallarmi


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