PREMIERE: It’s time for the witching hour on Wytchings’ ‘Viet Drift’

July 16th 2020

Harnessing childhood grief coupled with a trip to Vietnam, Western Sydney artist Wytchings explores the daunting concept of identity in a complex shapeshifting sonic landscape on ‘Viet Drift’. The new single premiered on Mornings with Eddy Diamond.

The fabled witching hour derives a multitude of meanings, but most definitions point toward an hour where supernatural beings are their most powerful. Although Wytchings may not be completely supernatural (wouldn’t be mad about it though), there’s no doubt she has tapped into some serious energy and enhanced her innovative production on her latest offering ‘Viet Drift’.

Utilising dreamy, film-inspired sounds evoking that of space and water, ‘Viet Drift’ is enchanting. It features the most refreshing and exciting of sounds that shares similar attributes with contemporary innovators Jlin, Holly Herndon and Arca, without remotely sounding like any of them.

In the five-minute journey, ‘Viet Drift’ implores you to step between worlds to explore escapist concepts of identity. Come the halfway mark of your journey, you’re greeted with a crescendo of electronic stylings that act as a soundtrack to your thoughts as you grapple with your existence. It’s truly a testament to Wytchings’ abilities to be able to effortlessly capture the teleportive nature of music in her work.

‘Viet Drift’ is the first single off soon to be released EP ‘Occulus’, which sees the Western Sydney innovator’s sound design and musical vision develop at a supernatural (wink, wink) rate.

Stream Wytchings’ ‘Viet Drift’ below to begin your miraculous journey.

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