PREMIERE: White Dog’s single ‘Storm the Streets’ serves up classic, cathartic punk

March 25th 2019

White Dog are a band doing punk in its entirety. They pay homage to the genre’s roots; serving searing riffs, a no-nonsense thrum, and face melting vocals. Their newest single ‘Storm the Streets’ delivers all this and then some, and it premiered on The Bridge with Ryan Saar.

What elevates White Dog is their production. It constructs massive walls of sound building a backdrop for angular hardcore songwriting that stays true the the genre’s pioneers.

Their seething new track ‘Storm the Streets’ is no exception. Coming off their forthcoming EP Year of The Pig, the songs turns it to 11 immediately, keeping the ferocity up front and the sentiment in the back.

With help from DEN’s Micky Grossman, who manned the engineering helm bringing the track to life, ‘Storm the Streets’ wastes no time getting the message across, and you hear it loud and clear (emphasis on loud).

White Dog have clearly hit their stride hard. ‘Storm the Streets’ is a cathartic revisiting of classic punk, and it’s done well. Year of The Pig will be released via Sydney label Earwaxx Records on May 2nd and look out for White Dog playing Rad Bar in the ‘Gong 31 May, and The Vic on the Park on 1 June.




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