Premiere: The Preatures ‘Cruel’ (Client Liaison remix)

May 27th 2015


There’s something classic about The Preatures. The straight up rock ‘n’ roll hooks, the leather jackets, the jangly guitars. The finger clicks, the shaking hips, the ‘baby’s and the all-rights. It’s music to twist ‘n’ shout to… and it doesn’t even make us feel weird about abbreviating ‘and’ to ‘n’ twice in one paragraph. It’s classic, alright?

There’s something classic about Client Liaison too – nobody will deny that. There’s the ’80s hair. The ’80s jackets. The ’80s synths, the ’80s saxophone… yeah, you know. There’s the whole of the goddamn ’80s in everything they touch.

So what happens when you layer classic on classic? This happens…

As premiered on Arvos with Charlotte Meldrum-Hanna, here is the brand new Client Liaison remix of “Cruel”, one of the many gems off The Preatures’ debut LP Blue Planet Eyes (Record of the Year in the 2014 SMAC Awards). It’s everything it should be: Isabella Manfredi’s vocals, ever full of sass, float over a bed of thick synths and a relentlessly retro drum machine. And then, yes, you know it’s coming, and there it is…

There’s a sax solo.



The Preatures play Sydney Opera House tonight (27 May) for Vivid LIVE


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