Premiere :: Sleepmakeswaves – Kyson remix

November 22nd 2012

sleepmakeswaves have all the prerequisites for the ‘post-rock’ label. They refute the need for capital letters, reading one of their tracklistings could take you an hour, most of their tracks are over 6 minutes and there is ample variety amongst their collective facial hair. But don’t be fooled! Despite their slightly excessive tendency to (parenthesise), this Sydney band makes music that is much bigger than all of that. Listen up!

In a scene that can be rather insular, sleepmakewaves have managed to, er, make waves. Serious waves. What’s refreshing about the group is that they’re not afraid to be exactly who they are, while still remaining open to new influences and directions. They build beautiful soundscapes that anyone could get lost in; they have mastered the art of the crescendo and play with it like it’s their well-trained pet. Although they’ve garnered enormous respect on the underground scene, you don’t need to be into progressive music to appreciate this band: you just need ears. As a testament to this, sleepmakeswaves’ 2011 album ‘…and so we destroyed everything‘ has been nominated for an 2012 ARIA Award.

Now, in celebration of that success, the band is releasing a remix album, ‘…and then they remixed everything’, out January 17th. We’re excited to bring you the very first remix from that album right here – a beautifully spacey take on ‘we like you when you’re awkward’, put together by Berlin-via-Sydney electronic producer Kyson. It’s a blissful marriage of ambient production with that progressive drive: a welcome collaboration that will leave your head nodding in a daze.

Among the other remixers are UK electronic-rock legends 65daysofstatic, who have asked sleepmakeswaves to support them on their Australian tour in January 2013. Rosetta, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Serious Beak, Atlantis and My Empty Phantom have also made their mark on ‘…and then they remixed everything’.

‘…and then they remixed everything’ is out January 17 on Bird’s Robe Records.

WHO: sleepmakeswaves with 65daysofstatic
WHEN: Wednesday 2 January, 2013
WHERE: The Hi Fi, Entertainment Quarter
HOW MUCH: $45 + BF from moshtix


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