PREMIERE: Otis Thomas soothes with new track ‘Sore Eyes’

October 6th 2020

Artwork by Nichola Palazzi

Otis Thomas’ new release ‘Sore Eyes’ is here to break us out of the fever dream of the past seven months, just in time for lazy summer days. ‘Sore Eyes’ premiered this morning on Mornings with Joe Khan.

Daylight savings has hit our clocks and that light spring breeze is lingering with the promise of warmer days to come. With the pandemic fever dream that has been 2020 looking like it’s finally easing up, Otis Thomas’ new release ‘Sore Eyes’ is the perfect companion for self-soothing after months of chaos.

Following the sun-kissed dream pop instrumentals of his 2017 debut album ‘Dog Dreams’ and 2018 EP ‘Grass Tricks’, ‘Sore Eyes’ marks a change in pace in texture for the Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist. Taking time in self-isolation during the pandemic to evolve his dreamy DIY Australiana tones, Otis now leans into sung vocals in place of his favoured spoken word and opts for drum samples from previous releases in place of live recordings.

Drawing inspiration love, loss, household objects and everything in between for his forthcoming EP, Otis’ hypnotic layered synths and lush poetic musings are the musical equivalents of having a nap under a ceiling fan on a steamy summer arvo. With lyrical content reminiscent of the current sentiment of many who are re-evaluating what it means to lead fulfilling and balanced lives, ‘Sore Eyes’ acts as a sort of meditation on slowing the pace of life and accepting things as they come.

With the frayed nerves this year has left us all nursing, it’s reassuring to know that this is a taste of more soothing, wistful sounds to come from Otis Thomas.

Stream ‘Sore Eyes’ by Otis Thomas below, and keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EP ‘Make Yourself At Home’ due out Oct 16.

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