Premiere :: Nimble Animal ‘Back N Forth’

September 17th 2013


  • Nimble Animal :: Back N Forth

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Step out of the suburban jungle, like a nimble creature, into an entirely different space.

Lie down in the long grass and close your eyes as ‘Back N Forth’ washes over, immersing you in a strange world.

There’s something uncannily native about these sounds as they layer and start to merge, creating the sense of being in an expansive  space. Like emerging from dense forest into a clearing cocooned by an arching canopy. Electronic beats slowly dissolve into birdsong until the entire space is alive with the hidden sounds of life around you. Frantic rhythms belie the soothing mantra of Dom Stephens’ vocals, allowing the atmosphere to subtly trick your senses. Not unlike that moment on the edge of sleep when you wake with a start, unsure if you are dreaming or awake…

‘Back N Forth’ is the lead single off the Bleak Moments EP, the second release from Brisbane’s Nimble Animal – aka Dom Stephens, aka Outerwaves, aka one of the founding members of Oh Ye Denver Birds. The track is the follow-up to busy boy Stephens’ debut as Nimble Animal, Dumb Dirge (2012). This first taste has us very excited about his latest sonic adventure – and we’re even more excited to offer it to you exclusively as a free download.


Bleak Moments cover

Bleak Moments is released on September 25 through Feral Media.


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