Premiere :: JASIA ‘Inverbatim’ video

March 5th 2014


‘Inverbatim’ is completeness; from rich tidal bass to soaring choral highs, and every pleasant strata between.

‘Inverbatim’ is the debut single from Melbourne-based producer JASIA (Josiah Willows). Georgia Hitch played it for the very first time this morning at 7:30 Up For It – but if you weren’t awake to catch it, here it is for you to stream again and again.

The eclectic influences on Josiah’s sound are obvious on first listen and manage to emerge in brilliantly cohesive ways. Restrained beats akin to Clams Casino sit neatly under a beautiful wash of strings, an artefact from his classically trained past and a nod to his admiration for Sigur Rós. The heavily processed and resonant vocal layers spill over the arrangement, bearing resemblance to the crooning falsetto of Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos.

‘Inverbatim’ is radiant with vintage vibrations. The snare hits cascade into 80’s reverb and the vocals are Christmas-carolesque – but the shimmering guitar and its pulsing, gritty sub-bass give it a distinct and modern flavour.

Gelling tightly with these vintage sounds, the accompanying video is a re-stitching of two amazing educational videos that have made their way into the public domain: 70’s anti-drug campaign “Drugs Are Like That” and 90’s bus safety film “Ghost Rider“. They just don’t make videos like they used to…


If this track is anything to go by, JASIA is a producer to keep tabs on.

You can grab ‘Inverbatim’ from JASIA’s bandcamp now – along with a pretty amazing cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Forrest Gump’.




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