PREMIERE: Improv guns Foshe and Horatio Luna go nuts on ‘Coconuts’

March 25th 2020

Foshe x Horatio Luna

There are three rules under the roof of the impromptu jazz house created by collaborators Foshe and Horatio Luna – subtle foot-tapping, finger-wagging and head-bobbing. Their new single ‘Coconuts’ premiered this morning on Mornings with Joe Khan.

It certainly is a gift to sonically paint a landscape. But harnessing the ability to transport a listener to a dimly lit room accompanied by maroon leather couches and Persian rugs is truly something else. That’s exactly what three-piece Sydney groove improvisers Foshe and Melbourne jazzy-house bass-lord Horatio Luna are able to achieve.

Voyaging on a percussive journey through afro rhythms, rolling bass licks and sweet synths, ‘Coconuts’ explores the modern landscape of ambient jazz.

However, what gives the piece its flavour is the beauty in first interactions. The track ‘Coconuts’ is only a (albeit, delicious) three-minute taste of Foshe and Horatio Luna meeting one another for the first time. Having sat down together, the collaborators cooked up some magic in the form of an EP that is a non-stop 42-minute improvised jam session titled ‘Nice to Meetcha’ expected to be released this Friday.

It’s as abstract as it is chill and funky as it is introspective. More importantly, it’s just a whole
lotta fun. Enter the jazz house with ‘Coconuts’ below.

Wanna show your support for Aus music? Check out Foshe and Horatio Luna on Bandcamp.

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