Postcard From Iceland :: Video Blog + The KEXP Gig at Kex Hostel

November 8th 2012

Reykjavík is home to some pretty freakin’ sweet venues. Not only did our Northern Lights winners Lanterns and Moon Holiday play the iconic Harpa Concert Hall days ago, they’ve just sent us some happy snaps of their next show, this time at the charming Kex Hostel, a chill venue filled with good vibes and a bunch of BOOKS. Part of a series of gigs put on each day by Seattle indie radio station KEXP, Lanterns has ranked this one as his favourite yet.

As their first experiences playing outside of Australia draw to a close, Lanterns and Moon Holiday let us in on what it’s been like playing to overseas audiences. If you want to pretend you too were at the Kex Hostel gig, check out some of the other artists that were on the line up below:

Half Moon Run are a Canadian trio, check out their tunes HERE

Borko is a music teacher and awesome Icelandic musician. Enjoy his songs HERE

Valdimar are a pop group also from Iceland. You can hear their first single HERE

Monotown are a local Icelandic 5 piece. Head HERE for more info on their upcoming debut.

Johann Kristinsson is a solo artist who makes sweet lo-fi tunes. Check out the cute filmclip for Put Me To Sleep HERE


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