Postcard From Iceland :: Video Blog + First Airwaves Gig

November 3rd 2012


Days into our trip now and we’re pretty much having the best time ever. We’re in Iceland!!!  This is like a mecca for the kind of music we write and possibly one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Sight seeing was incredible even though it was so cold, so cold, so so cold. It’s like being dunked in an ice bucket when you step outside. It has been 0 degrees for most days but with wind chill it’s meant to feel like -6 and today we are catching the back end of super storm Sandy. DAMN YOU SANDY! Just so you know, the food is unreal… so many great soups and sambos. Dan knows an unreal coffee shop around here too. Sydney peeps would loveeee this!

Iceland Airwaves is underway and we were so lucky to be given the holy grail of Airwaves passes – the one that skips lines that literally go around the block. Considering it was -4 degrees last night, that’s even more of a good thing than usual! Our first Gogoyoko gig at Bar 11 went great, super fun to play and a stack of people were hanging around to watch. Crowds here are really respectful, not just at our shows, but everywhere… there seems to be a great understanding of listening to music.

Check out a few of the other bands we played with at the Gogoyoko Extravaganza:
Sindri Eldon and the Ways  – Sindri is Bjork‘s son! Seriously!  He fronts the awesome three piece who are currently working on their first album. Some of his tunes are available for free download HERE
Cousins – Here for Airwaves from Canada, Cousins are a duo who make some pretty sweet noise. Check it  HERE
Hanne Kolsto – These guys are from Norway, check out their interesting vid for La-la-la Lovesong HERE 
Vigri – This Icelandic duo is the brainchild of brothers Hans and Bjarki, have a listen to their melodic pop rock HERE
Samaris – A really special Icelandic band that Moon Holiday thinks everyone should know about. You can listen to their tunes HERE


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