Postcard from Iceland :: Part 6

October 17th 2011

Let's start with some tunes from from the FBi Presents night at Bakkus. Bakkus is the favourite venue, hangout and meeting spot for Reykjavik's musicians and artists. Rainbow Chan and Tank joined a fantastic local line up: Gang Related, Sindri Eldon, Bárujárn and Kiriyama Family. You can check out a track from each below.

Gang Related – 'My Last Name':

Sindri Eldon:

Kiriyama Family – 'Sneaky Boots':

Bárujárn – 'Thula':

Now a few pics, and a video!


Rainbow Chan:

And another one of Rainbow because that hat is so ridiculously cute:

Tank live on stage:


Now for some sightseeing!

Rainbow discovers a bike with Reindeer fur detailing (made by the same guy who makes Bjork's Gravity Harp):


In Iceland they serve beers as big as your head:


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