Postcard From Iceland :: Arriving in Reykjavik

November 1st 2012

We’re herrrrrre!

After spending hours and hours in the air, awesome dudes and winners of FBi Radio’s Northern Lights competition Lanterns and Moon Holiday have finally arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland. With the trip of a lifetime ahead of them, the guys took some time to take in the spectacular sights of the city before diving face first into Iceland’s music scene with a bunch of live gigs.

Lanterns and Moon Holiday have sent us some holiday snaps (the first of many!), sharing their first impressions of Reykjavik only hours into their glorious Icelandic adventure.

Hallgrimskirkja – Weird and wonderful church that looks over all of Reykjavik. The view from the top is incredible and started the first day in the city being blasted with icy wild straight from the North Pole.

Taking photos is difficult – involves whipping off one glove and using shaking frozen fingers, being careful not to drop my phone. Since I was the only person crazy enough to ‘stroll’ along the harbour front, I had to resort to a selfie!

Happy Halloween from Iceland!! This viking skeleton from the National Museum sure hopes you had a great time trick or treating.

Behind our hotel – Spent the afternoon digging around second hand stores in this part of town. Lots of weird stuff, lots of Goth remnants, Icelandic style can’t be beat.

Tonight we play our very first gig as part of the Gogoyoko Extravaganza at Bar 11.  Really excited to get involved and be a part of Reykjavik’s music scene, as it seems like everyone else in the city is in about 3 bands! The Airwaves Festival begins tonight and we’re hoping to find some crazy local bands.

Stay tuned for gig updates, local music tips and more Icelandic goodness than even Bjork could handle.



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