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#4 - James Findlay

James Findlay is a breakfast producer for ABC Central Victoria and former producer for The Hook Up on Triple J. In this episode, Bridie Tanner speaks with James about producing sex and relationships content for radio. They discuss why radio is the ideal platform for sex communication, how to navigate ethical and privacy concerns, and how to produce talkback programming that is meaningful and authentic.

#3 - Miles Martignoni

Miles Martignoni is the head of audio at The Guardian Australia and Executive Producer of the daily news podcast, Full Story. In this episode, Natalie Sekulovska and Miles break down how to use narrative structures to make a compelling news podcast. And they discuss how Miles transitioned from community radio, to freelance work, to making podcasts in-house for The Guardian.

#2 - Fiona Pepper

Fiona Pepper is a radio documentary producer for Radio National and the host of Radio National Fictions. In this episode, Zacha Rosen speaks with Fiona Pepper about how she carved out a space for herself making radio documentaries for the ABC. And they break down a story she made about the ISIS occupation of the city of Mosul, through research and planning, to interviewing and editing.

#1 - Liza Harvey

Liza Harvey is a producer at Triple J. In this episode Issy Phillips speaks with Liza Harvey about producing music radio for Triple J and Double J. They talk about the importance of radio in keeping the public informed, how to generate content starting with your audience's interests, and how to build out a storyline to drive audience engagement.

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