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December 14th 2017



This season of Or It Didn’t Happen is all about Sydney’s live fiction scene. Sydney has a range of live nights for non-fiction narratives, a bunch of huge poetry scenes, and a small — but vibrant — scene in live fiction nights.

This season, we’re bringing you three of them: starting Saturday, December 16th.



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Episode 1: Studio Stories

Studio Stories is a live story night in Parramatta, run by writer Felicity Castagna. It focuses on stories by western Sydney writers, including authors from Sweatshop, West Words and the Finishing School. In this episode, we’re going to be hearing from Studio Stories authors Tamar Chnorhokian, Chad Jared Modernel and Ben Muir.

Studio Stories is run every couple of months at Parramatta Artists Studios. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their events in 2018.

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Episode 2: Little Fictions

Little Fictions is kind of the stage presence of publishing house Spineless Wonders, run by Bronwyn Mehan, where the imprint’s authors have their stories read by actors on the stage of inner Sydney’s Knox St Bar. In this episode, we’ll hear the work of Shady Cosgrove, Jon Steiner, Ruth Wyer and Kate Walter acted out by Eleni Shumacher, Jon Steiner and Kate Fraser.

You can also follow Little Fictions on Facebook.

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Episode 3: Read to Me

At Read to Me comics authors put their comics on screen — page by page, or panel by panel — and read them out live on the stage of Knox Street bar. It’s run by Gabe Clark and Fionn McCabe. In this episode, we’ll be hearing from Mary Van Reyk and Pat Grant.

You can read along at Pat’s site with his comic Vanish Coast. It’s worth the trip. Follow Read to Me on Facebook to stay in the loop for their 2018 shows.

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Or It Didn’t Happen is produced by Zacha Rosen. Annie Hamilton did our wonderful show art and Bart Denaro gave our show it’s name. Thanks this season to Bryce Halliday and Marcelo Baez.

Song from Studio Stories:

Le temps de l’amour (Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack) — Françoise Hardy

Song from Little Fictions:

Das Glasbodenboot — Jens Kruger

Song from Read to Me:

Jaan Pehechan Ho — The Bombay Royale



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