Oh Pep! live acoustic: ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’ on Mornings with Greta Balog

April 13th 2016


  • Oh Pep! :: Interview with Greta Balog


Fresh from the SXSW stage, Olivia and Pepita of Oh Pep! joined Greta Balog in the studio.  The Melbourne duo told us a little about their upcoming album and played a live track, ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’.

Olivia wrote and recorded one take of the song on her iPhone before sharing it with Pepita.  At first they were nervous about releasing the cinematic track because it’s much longer than anything they’ve written before.  After several failed attempts to cut it down, the girls knew ‘Milk, Tea & Honey’ was “gold” and kept the full version.

Oh Pep! recorded their upcoming album Stadium Cake in Canada with producer Daniel Ledwell last year.  In the studio they muse about the lake near the studio where they would often take their breaks.  Olivia and Pepita talk about the Canadian winter and standing on the lake they would be swimming in come August:

“Which isn’t something I’d experienced in Australia before. And we were like ‘Can anything eat us in here? This is a big lake’. Coming from Australia where everything can eat you.”

Fortunately, the only threat was a bunch of beavers who don’t like people anyway.  Being able to go outside and chill out definitely influenced the sound of their music.   In a studio made up of windows, the girls were surrounded by the picturesque view of the lake that played into the lushness of the album.

Fans can expect to hear some of their new tunes at Oxford Art Factory this Friday, where the duo are excited to be playing.  They say connecting people with music is the most important part of their job.  The more people they can reach, the better!

Keep a close watch for the release of Stadium Cake in July and tune in to the full interview above.


WHO: Oh Pep!
WHERE: Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 15 April 2016
HOW MUCH: $15 +BF here