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February 12th 2016

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Not What You Think covers the important stuff that doesn’t fit in the news cycle. You know: that low key stuff that isn’t on our radar.

The small, important stuff.

This third season we’re covering what happens when you get older, two-hundred and twenty thousand motorcycle couriers in one city and a golden age of comics. Later on, we’ll be explaining how you make a newspaper for children, talking about intimate partner violence in the LGBTIQ community and catching you up on gastropods. None of these are likely to be stories you’ve heard before.

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Growing Older as a Lesbian

301: Growing Older as a Lesbian

Have you ever thought about what the world is like as you get older? It can be hard: even harder if you’re a woman. And harder still if you’re gay. Or transgender. If you don’t fit in.

Teresa Savage has spent her life not fitting in. And being awesome for it. She runs the website 55 Uppity, which is a site ”about what older dykes and queers and lezzos wear and think and believe.”

She fills us in.

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Links from this episode:

Find more cool, older lesbians at 55 Uppity.
The Australian Silver Rainbow Project and the Rainbow Tick help make sure retirement is an LGBTI safe place.

302: Motoboys and Motogirls (Antoni Abad)

São Paolo has a traffic problem. But while the cars stand still, motoboys (and motogirls) ride up the “corridor of death” between gridlock. Over two hundred thousand of them. It’s an incredibly dangerous job.

Spanish artist, Antoni Abad gave the motoboys a voice at in the early days of the mobile internet and will tell you all about them, from the favela to the app economy.

He knows his motoboys.

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Links from this episode:

The motoboy section of is still running, the better part of a decade later. If you’re Sydney-based, you might want to check out his Sydney project If you’re blind or vision impaired, you might also want to contribute. You can also check out a few of’s other channels.

Read the New York Times’ article on Motoboys from 2004. Dated, but still good.

You can also check out Rinaldo’s mini-documentary about life as a motoboy. (It’s ok: there are subtitles.)

Antoni was in Sydney for Art and About as a guest of the Sydney Cervantes institute.


303: Making It Big and Making It Small in Comics (Matt Huynh)

It seems a bit like comic books are everywhere these days: dominating our screens from Iron Man to Jessica Jones. But this isn’t the first time that there’s been a comic book boom. And it’s not always as easy to ride that wave as an artist as it might seem.

Comic artist Matt Huynh has had a lot of success at this comic-making thing, both in Australia and the States. He’s joined by fellow artist Marcelo Baez, who witnessed the 90s comics craziness first hand.

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Links from this episode:

So much of Matt’s art is on his site; but you’ll need to check out SBS to read the Boat.

Marcelo’s work over at his site, too. And there’s Diabla artwork to see.

Frank Miller wrote and drew things like the Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City and Daredevil. The Daredevil story Born Again was one of the comics Matt recommends getting started reading with. The other comic he recommended was Marjane Satrapi’s Chicken with Plums, which is first date approved by his girlfriend.

Some of the Australian comics mentioned in the episode were Cyberswine, Da ‘n Dill, Hairbutt the Hippo, Squadron Supreme, Platinum Grit and Tim McEwan’s Greener Pastures. Matt drew us a red homage to McEwan’s comic for FBi’s upcoming Brush with Fame art auction for 2016:


You can bid for it here until March 20.

NWYT Children newspapers

304: Making Newspapers for Children (Saffron Howden)

While a lot of newspapers in the grownup world are struggling to get by, one kind of newspaper is doing kind of ok thankyou. In France, Germany and the UK, children’s newspapers are going strong, mailed out to a waiting audience of school-age children.

Saffron Howden is launching Crinkling in April, kids’ newspaper in Australia and she’s ready to tell us all about the workings of these junior newspapers.

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Links from this episode:

Crinkling launches in April. Have a look at their pre-launch stories or subscribe. You might also want to read their story on whether whether Syrian refugees get to go to school.

There are all sorts of kids newspapers around the world. Mon Quotidien, publisher of two other kids’ titles in France, Le Petit Quotidien and L’Actu. First News is an English language, UK newspaper that a lot of adults seem to read as well. Germany’s Kruschel is also pretty cool (in German).

Mon Quotidien’s Paris coverage actually published an English version (PDF). The New York Times tells you a little more about how they make that paper.

Who was that Craig Mod guy? Zacha wrote about him at Concrete Playground.


305: LGBTIQ Domestic Violence (Moo Baulch)

This episode talks about domestic violence in the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer) community. It’s probably not appropriate for children and could be a trigger for some listeners.

Over the course of the last year Australia seems to have paid more attention to the issue of domestic violence than it ever has before. But, even so, many people are unaware that this isn’t just an issue for the mainstream community. It’s something that happens in the LGBTIQ community as well.

Moo Baulch is the CEO of Domestic Violence NSW. She’ll walk us through what often happens and what you can do about it.

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Links for this episode:

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, in an emergency call the police on 000. If you need to talk to someone, the national counselling helpline 1 800 RESPECT (1 800 737 732) is a great place to start.

In or outside of Australia, Another Closet is a great resource specifically about LGBTIQ domestic violence. (Use “private” or “incognito” mode in your browser, carefully, if you need to hide your visit to this site.)

You can find more information on same sex domestic violence at ACON or Domestic Violence NSW, which has a list of many more  services you can contact.

If you’re under 27, you might want to talk to Twenty10. Kids Helpline is on 1800 55 1800 Q-Life also offers online or phone (1 800 184 527) counselling 3pm-12am every day.

The Men’s Referral Service is available on 1 300 766 491 and can connect you or someone you know with one of the diversion services we talked about during the episode. Anyone can call it for that information, not just men.

Lynne Hilier’s LGBTIQ youth report Writing Themselves In has three versions, all at that link. (Some of the contents of the reports will, naturally, be pretty serious.)


306: Molluscs (Ross Coleman)

They’re pretty much all guts, foot, teeth and maybe a bit of shell. Snails, limpets, octopuses or giant squid: they’re all a kind of mollusc. You’ll find one in almost every ecosystem in the world.

Sydney University’s Professor Ross Coleman specialises in limpets and knows all his molluscs pretty well. He takes us from the Liverpool docks, to Blackwattle Bay, to the weirdest of mollusc sex.

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Links from this episode:

The lowdown on molluscs of all kinds.

Ross has written all sorts of papers, and most of them can be found here on

Read about cleaning up the Albert Dock in Liverpool, using mussels. (PDF)


Annie Hamilton did all the amazing art on this page. She’s also in Little May, a band you may have heard of. We will vote for her when she runs for office, station president or emperor of Sydney.

Thanks this season to Georgia Hitch, Lynda Delacey, Tully Rosen, Marcelo Baez and FBi Radio.

Not What You Think is produced by Samira Farah, hosted by Zacha Rosen and with additional production by Olivia Pirie-Griffiths and Lana Wylie. It was originally created by Laura Brierley, Clare Holland and Zacha Rosen.


Songs from Getting Older as a Lesbian:
Impossible Girl #3 — Kim Bokebinder
Musica Poetica I: Gassenhauer — Carl Orff (Tölzer Knabenchor, Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden, Der Kammerchor der staatlichen Hochschule für Musik, München, Fritz Schieri, Stuttgarter Sprechchor, Godela Orff-Büchtemann & Instrumental Ensemble)
Bad Girls — M.I.A.
You’re So Cool — Hans Zimmer

Songs from Motoboys and Motogirls:
The Shrew — Beirut
Jaan Pehechan Ho — The Bombay Royale
Ladri di Biciclette (Bicycle Theives) — Carlo Lippari
Dreamsong — Kim Boekbinder
Please Feel Free to Piss in the Garden — SQÜRL
Together – the xx
Monkey Fight Snake — The Bombay Royale

Songs from Making It Big and Making It Small in Comics:
Girl — Beck
Strange Nostalgia For The Future — Cut Copy
Golden Valves — Orkestra Del Sol
Phat Planet — Leftfield
Boardwalks — Little may
Black Wax — Dananananaykroyd

Songs from Making Newspapers for Children:

Robot Parade — They Might Be Giants
Goodnight My Friends — They Might Be Giants
Love is Blindness — Jack White
This Abyss — The Gothic Archies
Drive Away — Thomas Newman (A Series of Unfortunate Events soundtrack)
Up the Spout — Mateo Messina (Juno soundtrack)
Shipwrecked — The Gothic Archies
Sleepwalkers — They Might Be Giants
The Hula Hoop — Carter Burwell (after Khachaturian)

Songs from LGBTIQ Domestic Violence:

Dog Days Are Over — Florence + the Machine
Lonely Press Play — Damon Albarn
The Selfish Giant — Damon Albarn
Parades Go By — The Magnetic Fields

Songs from Molluscs:
River — Ibeyi
Freedom Come — Gabriel le Mar
Confessions of a Pig — Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett
Back n Forth — Nimble Animal
Black Silk (suture) — Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Sea of Love — Cat Power
Space Monkeys — Dust Brothers


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