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January 18th 2018

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Not What You Think covers the important stuff that doesn’t fit in the news cycle. You know: that low key stuff that isn’t on our radar.

The small, important stuff.

For our fifth season we’re taking a closer look at everyday drones, peace journalism and fashion. None of these are likely to be stories you’ve heard before.



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Season 5

501: Peace Journalism (Zainab Abdul-Nabi)

War in the news is kind of hard to watch. Conflict gets presented like sports — two sides: one wins, one loses. Advocates of peace journalism think that war can be covered better than this. And, by reporting more to us than just a zero-sum game, it can offer ways of dealing with conflict that aren’t just about violence and who’s committing it.

Zainab Abdul-Nabi is a former journalist who’s especially interested in using peace journalism to look at Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Bahrain pro-democracy uprising in 2011, during the “Arab Spring”. 

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Links from this episode:

Zainab’s article looking at Bahrain’s uprising through the lens of Peace Journalism.
Jay Rosen’s original piece on how some journalists seem to want to become political insiders. (No relation.)
If want to know even more about peace journalism, the Peace Talks Radio podcast has a deeper dive.


Annie Hamilton did all the amazing art on this page. She’s also in Little May, a band you may have heard of. We will vote for her when she runs for office, station president or emperor of Sydney.

Thanks this season to the excellent Bridie Tanner, Tiffany Lee-Shoy and FBi Radio.

Not What You Think is produced and hosted by Zacha Rosen, produced by Lachlan Wylie, and production consultant is Lynda Delacey. It was originally created by Laura Brierley, Clare Holland and Zacha Rosen.

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