NO ZU talk playing their dream slot at Golden Plains and bringing the heat beat

March 31st 2016



  • NU ZO :: Interview with Sweetie

“This record is kind of described as a nocturnal sex dream.”

After just stepping off the stage at Golden Plains festival, Nick and Adrian from NO ZU stopped by to chat ahead of their show at Newtown Social Club.

“We’ve done Golden Plains once before, about 2013 so quite a few years ago now. The band has changed quite a lot since then, it’s a lot bigger now. And we played a day time slot so it was a good introduction. This time was kind of like a dream slot and like Nick was saying, we were all talking about it later, and we don’t really remember much of the show – it was just running on adrenaline.”

Although their new LP Afterlife (an FBi album of the week) is the Melbourne outfit’s first album release since Life dropped in 2012, the band have kept busy with smaller releases.

“Last year we had two EPs released. ‘Medusa Music’ on Home Loan Records early in the year, and ‘High Gloss’ EP on Cutters (Dan from Cut Copy’s label, which had a bunch of 12″ mixes and a collaboration with Sal Principato from Liquid Liquid).”

“We’re always doing things, it never feels like there’s any downtime with ZU. We all live the heat beat lifestyle on our days off.”

When asked what the ‘heat beat’ actually means, the guys gave a pretty concise definition:

“Heat beat is life, it’s the afterlife and it’s rhythm and it’s sweat and it’s energy and it’s beauty.”

“The whole heat beat came around, I think it was Nick’s coin for our original genre, it was a way of having fun with genres at the start. People love to label different kinds of music and I think it’s a nice way of summing up a lot of different influences that form, and it’s something a little bit out of the box. We’d rather just label ourselves.”

Listen to the full interview above.

Adrian & Nic from NO ZU teaching Sweetie how to pull the 💪Heat Beat💪

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