New album teasing and back catalogue chat with Ravyn Lenae

February 11th 2019

  • Ravyn Lenae :: Interview with Deepa Alam

Just as the FBi studios hit peak sweatiness during the wave of high temps last week, a cool breeze swept through in the form of Ravyn Lenae. The American songstress took a much-deserved seat in the studio with Deepa after a massive Laneway set and Sydney sideshow.

From her upbringing in the talent hotbed that is Chicago to her very first studio session, Lenae mapped her growth from her Moon Shoes EP – released at the ripe age of 15 years old – to her firm position as one of the most exciting names in R&B.

Despite her success, the business side of things has not always come naturally:

“There are a lot of tough times where I hate the industry. Where I think why does this exist? Why can’t we just make music? I’ve developed tougher skin… I didn’t want to be that woman… in the last few years I’ve grown into myself a lot more.”

Listen back up top to find out how her collaboration with Steve Lacy came to fruition, what she thinks listening back to her older music and on what we can expect from Ravyn Lenae in the future (*cough cough* full length album? *cough cough*)…


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