Romæo on art pop, the beauty myth and aestheticism

Eora-based Romæo is a high energy, high concept musician who commands the stage and airwaves. She joined Red Rey on Tuesday Lunch to talk about her Beauty EP and the idea behind it.

An unlikely conception and unlikely performance: Kelly Lee Owens speaks on her stunning third album LP.8

Kelly Lee Owens has delivered her surprising and stunning third album LP.8: nine atmospheric tracks that look inwards and outwards all at once. Kelly joined Sophie Gordon on Mornings to discuss the album’s unlikely beginnings, influences and bringing it to life through a unique performance.

IJALE talks D-sides and his debut on Up For It! with Naz and Dan

IJALE joined Dan & Naz on Up For It! for a chat and a special edition of their segment D-Sides ahead of his two sold out shows happening at Phoenix Central Park.

Jerome Blazé on recording with the windows open and wind trios

Folktronica artist and producer Jerome Blazé joined Kana Frazer on Mornings to discuss deadlines, recording with the windows open, and his unconventional live band.

King Stingray are making waves and riding them too: Interview with guitarist Roy Kellaway

Yolŋu surf-rock legends King Stingray have their feet on the ground and eyes set squarely ahead in spite of a meteoric 12 months. Founding member and guitarists Roy Kellaway caught up with Grace and Al on Arvos last week to talk through where King Stingray are from and where they’re heading. 

Nilüfer Yanya on how collaboration and the seaside helped create her sophomore album ‘PAINLESS’

London singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya has delivered her anticipated sophomore album ‘PAINLESS’. Nilüfer Yanya caught up with Sophie Gordon on Mornings to talk through the writing of the album, the power of collaboration and her eagerness to hit the road.

Chakra Efendi on ‘I of the Err’ – The Album That Almost Didn’t Happen

‘I of the Err’ is a vulnerable and joyous return. Equal parts sentimental and forward-facing, it’s a welcome return from Chakra Efendi.

Black Country, New Road’s Charlie Wayne on ‘Ants from Up There’, New Sounds and New Beginnings

What’s next for the ever-changing Black Country, New Road? From a new album to potential musical adaptations, the future is bright.

Saba on his New Album ‘Few Good Things’ and Getting Back to Basics

Saba’s third studio album explores the perks of his success as well as the traps it entails.

Milan Ring on Hopefulness, Hand Gestures and Healing

2021 Best Live Act SMAC Award nominee Milan Ring sat down with Gus McGrath on Arvos to chat about her stunning debut album.