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April 17th 2023


  • Movies Movies Movies :: First episode of 2023

“It’s so nice to be back, to lock eyes, to share space.”

Movies Movies Movies made its triumphant return to the FBi Radio airwaves this morning. The dedicated film segment burst back onto set with familiar faces André Shannon and Jen Atherton alongside newcomers Bruce Koussaba and Sleepless in Sydney’s Gus McGrath. These welcome additions to the crew will form a revolving cast of exciting new voices that will also include Priya Fotherby and AACTA award winner Enoch Mailangi.

“We are shaking it up and bringing in a cast”
“We have the hottest cast in maybe movie criticism history in Australia… Not since David and Margaret has there been such a stacked lineup of fabulous talent”

Back from hiatus, Movies Movies Movies is a weekly podcasted segment that happens live on Mornings with Maia Bilyk every Monday.

Jen and André didn’t miss a beat after giving a rundown on their new cast members. They jumped straight into movie news which has been rebooted as the state of cinema. Covering controversies, canne news, industry gossip, reviews and more (listen up top to get your fix).

Movies Movies Movies then got the textline buzzing when delving into people’s real life fears that have stemmed from seeing a horror movie. Jen and André provided some personal insight on the matter:

“I’m scared of having petrol poured over me and being lit on fire because I watched an episode of a scary Scottish crime show when I was young” – Jen
“I’m scared of the open ocean because of Open Water and I also hate lifejackets” – André

With their deepest fears broadcasted to Greater Sydney, Jen and André welcomed 2023 co-hosts Bruce and Gus to the studio. The group then jumped into their first Spotlight of the year. Highlighting experimental film ‘De Humani Corporis Fabrica’ created at Harvard University’s Sensory Ethnography Lab.

“If you’re familiar or interested in hectic experimental filmmaking that is actually enjoyable to watch” – André
“It’s going to be little cameras inside people’s bodies. It’s going to be The Magic School Bus but really real.” – Jen

Gus then shone the spotlight on another interesting film that is showing as a part of Fantastic Film Festival at The Ritz this coming Friday. Vera Drew’s The People’s Joker is a coming-of-age film that explores the story of a trans version of the Joker being pitted against a fascist Batman.

“Really worth seeing… this is like cinema on the edge of legality, It looks wild.” – Gus

Tune in to FBi Radio every Monday at 10.10am to catch Movies Movies Movies, stream the first show back up top, or listen via the podcast wherever you get your podcasts


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