FBi Monthly Mixtape #005

May 4th 2022

We’ll remember April as the month jam packed with public holidays and incredible picks by our specialist presenters. We were so caught up in both of those things, we’re a few days late on the Monthly Mixtape. Sorry!
Good things come to those who wait, so without further ado, here are the songs our hosts loved this past month. From Real to Reel, to The Bridge, to Out of the Box, check out our big beautiful programs grid and the big beautiful songs it’s housed.

Jasper Craig-Adams, host of Real to Reel 

The Stroppies – Up To My Elbows
‘Up To My Elbows’ is an instant hooky classic from the Naarm-based jangle-pop band The Stroppies. With the lightness of their classic doubled vocals, an unavoidably danceable beat, and a smiling yet thoroughly roaring lead guitar melody, this song has been going round and round my head the past month.
Combining the lightness of their earlier work from the LP Whoosh (2019) with their new denser fuzz tones explored on the Look Alive! (2020) LP, this second single confirms that their upcoming album will not only rule, but also live up to its name Levity (out May 6th 2022).
Display Homes – CCTV
Boasting a charging yet melodically leading bass line, relentless drums, an elusive yet yell-along vocal line, and a bright floating guitar line, this brand new single from Display Homes features all the best hall-mark characteristics of the Eora-based bright post-punk legends. This track is the first taste of their debut album releasing this July, so stay tuned for more singles and lots of gigs from them.

Eora-based 1-800-MIKEY’s track ‘Pressure’ from his latest album Plushy is an anthemic bop, featuring the classic compressed-into-a-box mix (which it shares with it’s illustrious contemporaries R.M.F.C, Tee Vee Repairmann and GEE TEE – to name a few) while soaring through your ears with some of the catchiest melodies known to garage/pop-punk music. The whole album is wall-to-wall with fantastic tracks, so picking just one to mention was the biggest challenge here.

Sarita Herse, host of The Bridge (Monday)

Body Corp – Yearly Average

Captured in their native Italian homeland, Body Corp (a.k.a Marco Vella) gently guides us through their abstracted depiction of nostalgia. Beautiful and warm, yet far away.

Mathukey – Miso Iso

The track itself is great, but really the full EP is worth listening to throughout. Written in 11 days while in isolation, the album sees Mathukey flow through elements of metal and alternative rock to orchestral. A true nod towards writing music for the sake of writing music – not thinking about it too much.

Sweetie – Negative Image

Beyond the track itself, the Collision EP by Sweetie is a noteworthy exploration through femininity, strength, vulnerability and the tension of navigating those opposites. The EP itself stands firmly on its own and calls out to be heard. Taking the time to do so is very, very much worth it.

Mia Hull, host of Out of the Box

Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma

Out of the Box is a long form interview program, so each week I sit down with one guest and their record collection to pore over the songs and stories that have defined their life. Every episode serves as a reminder of how profoundly intertwined our music can become with our memories.

I’m a super sentimental person, so the songs that resonate with me the most are the ones that come with beautiful stories. This song was selected by Peruvian Australian cinematographer and restaurant owner José Alkon. He told me a story about visiting Peru with his then girlfriend Ellen. During an ayahuasca trip, wherein he experienced vivd hallucinations (including but not limited to turning into a jaguar) all he could see was Ellen. He recalled feeling so safe and so in love with her that in that moment he knew she was the one. He proposed to her about a week later with a ring fashioned from a flower and they got married in the small Peruvian city of Ayacucho, known for housing 33 churches. This song “is a famous Mexican sort of mariachi song. The version that Caetano [Veloso] does is from a movie called ‘Hable con ella’ from Pedro Almodóvar. Is it haunting and it’s beautiful and I chose this song because it’s the song that Ellen walked down the aisle to when we got married.”

Spike Fuck – Guts

I think RVG hold a really special place in the hearts of their fans. Certainly it’s the case for me. So my heart sang when I got to sit down with RVG’s frontwoman Romy Vager last month to talk through the music she’s made, loved , and been inspired by, and what it means to make music that is loved so deeply by its listeners. She gave us a rare look at an EP she doesn’t “consistently play and show people because it’s a beautiful thing.”

“I guess when RVG first started… The band felt unusual because we felt quite unique to everything. There [were] a couple of bands around I felt like I resonated with and one of them was Spike Fuck – who my band member put me onto. This song is incredibly special because it kind of felt like someone was on the same page as me. It felt like having a contemporary of whatever it was that I was doing. And I met Spike, and I ended up playing in her live band for a bit, and it was very exciting. When this EP came out, I played the launch for it, and I have a lot of love for this EP.”


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