Musical genius in isolation: The Streets’ Mike Skinner on Arvos with Tommy Codling

April 24th 2020

  • Mike Skinner :: Interview with Tommy Codling

Birmingham’s Mike Skinner, frontman of legendary rap outfit The Streets, took a min to call in from isolation to chat with Tommy Codling on Arvos all about his hotly anticipated mixtape, upcoming film project and his current isolation vibe.

Mike Skinner seems largely unfazed by the prospect of social distancing. Reflecting on the current global crisis, and explaining how this is nothing new to him, he says:

“I’ve always been quite self-contained. I recorded my first album practicing social distancing, in isolation… It’s kind of been the same.”

It would appear that a somewhat isolated life may be one of the keys to musical genius. With four critically acclaimed albums under his belt, he’s now actively working on a slew of projects, using his time in isolation to put together a mixtape. But aside from music, what’s his top iso hobby of choice? None other than the humble jigsaw puzzle (“mad”, they are).

Skinner also spoke about his upcoming film project ‘The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light’, to be released alongside an album that will serve as a soundtrack.

An album? A film? AND a mixtape?

“The reason I’m putting a mixtape out is because the film is taking years as films do.”

Giving the fans what they want.

Speaking of satisfying the fans, you’re probably already intimately familiar with the first single from the mixtape – ‘Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better’, to which Tame Impala kindly lended his signature silky vocals. The single’s music video also acts as a promo for the film that is to follow, with appearances from many an artist that are tipped to be featured in the project. We LOVE a narrative!

Listen back to the full interview up top. Get keen, because the mixtape ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive’ drops in July.


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