Meet Sydney/Sarajevo bedroom artist Hector Gachan on The Bridge

November 25th 2016

Hector Gachan

  • Hector Gachan :: Interview with Lachlan Wyllie
  • Hector Gachan :: Really Something (Live on The Bridge)

Self-described ‘dad rocker’ Hector Gachan started off 2016 with around 15 followers on Soundcloud and a few demos shared amongst friends and family. It was a humble but exciting bedroom music project that showcased Gachan’s sharp songwriting skills, calling on influences like Mac DeMarco, John MOuse and Ariel Pink.

Now, the Sydney (via Sarajevo, via Sydney) artist has released a self-titled debut album and received national radio play. Hector joined Lachlan Wyllie on The Bridge to discuss Balkan culture and the bedroom songwriting process. He also (somewhat ominously) busted out his best Donald Trump impressions, and treated us to a live version of his song ‘Really Something’, which you can hear above.

Talking about the influence of Balkan culture in his music, Hector Gachan explained the inspiration behind his song ‘Derby Daze’:

“I just hated the football hooligans. It’s a song about them, and just about how stupid the culture is. Y’know, how it just promotes unnecessary violence, and maybe it’s a reflection of the area and the situations over there, but I don’t know. I just found them to be very annoying and ooga-ooga type people. It’s similar to Brazil, similar to Poland… particularly England though.

Lachlan: “The lads! Painted faces and broken car windows.”

Hector: “Basically. I dunno, everything’s smashed up, y’know. You don’t wanna go out when it’s Derby Day. You’re gonna get your ass whooped.”

Listen to the full interview and live version of ‘Really Something’ above. Hector Gachan’s debut album is out now on Bandcamp for $5 or more.



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