Meet our new FBi Radio Music Director, Amelia Jenner

January 10th 2017


Photo by Imogen Grist 

We are extremely excited to introduce you to our brand new Music Director, Amelia Jenner.

Amelia will be responsible for shaping the sound of FBi Radio through music programming, interviews and all music-focused content on air and online. Taking up the position on January 23, 2017, she will the be third Music Director to be appointed since FBi started in 2003.

You might already be familiar: Amelia has been involved with FBi as a volunteer since 2012 and has presented shows on air since 2014. She’s currently host of The Bridge (100% Sydney music) on FBi 94.5fm, and Body Promise (globe-trotting club tracks) on FBi Click. With a proven track record of supporting local artists and discovering exciting new global sounds, she also brings industry connections and knowledge from previous positions at Inertia Music and Ableton Liveschool.

In the words of our Managing Director Clare Holland: “Her enthusiasm for musical discovery is infectious and her commitment to diversity is exciting. She shows a passion and connectedness to the many creative communities and audiences FBi represents.”

We’ll stop playing hype man now and let her speak for herself. Meet our new Music Director below!



How did you start listening to FBi?

My introduction to FBi came from a group of Sydneysiders I spent a few months with in South America. They were crazy about it. I eventually followed them all back to Sydney, applied for presenter training and the rest is history.


What did you do before now?

I spent three wonderful years at Inertia, as both Marketing and Promotions Coordinator and Marketing Manager. I was incredibly lucky to get to work closely with some amazing artists like Caribou, Aphex Twin, Kelela, Nozinja, KUCKA and Sophie. I then went on to be Head Of Marketing at Ableton Liveschool, a boutique music school specialising in electronic music production.


What was your favourite album in 2016?

Locally, it would have to be Friendships – Nullarbor 1988-1989. Internationally, I’d have to say Jeffery by Young Thug – not exactly an album, but still my favourite 8 tracks to listen to in a row.


Favourite album ever?

Groove Armada – Lovebox (closely followed by Balani Show Super Hits and Kelela – Cut 4 Me). My dad introduced me to Groove Armada when I was the ripe old age of 11, which consequently opened my eyes to the world of dance music. I’ve actually got my dad to thank for setting the foundations for my taste in music. Thanks Dad!


Who are some emerging local artists we’ll be hearing more from in 2017/ that you’re excited about?

There are so many artists I’m super excited about for 2017 – I feel like it’s going to be a big year for Sydney music. Some artists that I’m most excited about are Jikuroux, Gussy, Kimchi Princi, DJ Plead, Hot Wavs, Body Type, Gauci, Slim Set… the list goes on!


Tell us about your favourite guilty pleasure.

Diana, Princess Of Wales: Tribute album (don’t judge it ’til you’ve heard it, it’ll blow your mind) or any of Celine Dion’s back catalogue.


What made you put up your hand to become FBi’s new Music Director?

I’ve wanted to work in music my whole life and for me, this job is the pinnacle. I’m passionate about radio, I’m passionate about Sydney, and I want to be a part of shaping what the future sounds like for this beautiful city of ours.


On a Friday night, would we be more likely to find you: a) on a dance floor partying to the break of dawn (or lockout), or b) tucked away at home with a pair of headphones and your new favourite album?

a) 100%! I’d stay out ’til dawn every night of the week if my body could handle it.



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