Matt Huynh’s Brush With Fame: Not What You Think

March 11th 2016


It seems a bit like comic books are everywhere these days.

They’re dominating our screens from Iron Man to Jessica Jones. But this isn’t the first time that there’s been a comic book boom. And it’s not always as easy to ride that wave as an artist as it might seem.

There was a brief period where some comic artists were treated like rock stars. It used to be much harder to get your work seen overseas. And there’s still plenty of bravery involved in subbing a comic for flowers when you go out on a first date.

Comic artist Matt Huynh has had a lot of success at this comic-making thing, both in Australia and the States. Not least, illustrating the Boat for SBS. He talked to Not What You Think, not long ago, about making it in comics, big and small. With a bit of help from fellow artist Marcelo Baez, who witnessed the 90s comics craziness first hand.

Let Matt and Marcelo tell you:

(can’t see the player? click here)

Want to own an original Matt Huynh? While he was at FBi, Matt drew us a canvas for our Brush With Fame art auction. He made a homage to classic 90s indie comic Greener Pastures, by Tim McEwan.

It’s a classic comic, drawn by a modern maestro. Bidding starts at a pretty affordable $50.



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