Mangelwurzel Interview: On touring and who Gary really is

March 15th 2016


  • Mangelwurzel :: Interview with Jayne Cheeseman


“It’s very beautiful, but buckle up, put your seat belt on.”

In Sydney to share their new record Gary live at Newtown Social Club, Cosima Jaala and Johnny Baird of Melbourne six piece Mangelwurzel caught up with Jayne Cheeseman to talk touring the country, old-school tapes, and who Gary really is.

Released in late February, Gary is the band’s debut album and has seen singles like ‘Fishy Fry’ and ‘IOU’ take off across the country. The album follows the release of their 2014 EP, Dead Pets, which introduced their genre-bending sounds and infectious vocals.

Speaking of the album title and who Gary really is, Cosima says: “I think Gary represents to me everything that wild women have to look out for in the world… Sometimes I’m Gary. The spirit of Gary enters me”.

Mangelwurzel have had a huge twelve months of touring and playing festivals across the country. When asked how the crowd differ from to show, Cosima explains: “It depends on the gig and the vibe and who your supporting. They’ve all been really different shows, but there’s a different feel in every city and place”.

Listen to the whole interview above.



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