Machine Translations interview & live performance on Thursday Lunch

November 21st 2013


Beth Dalgleish dug around the FBi music library for the Machine Translations catalogue – his first album Abstract Poverty is labelled #835, meaning its been here since before FBi had even one thousand CDs. His latest album, The Bright Door, is number 28,405. Before launching The Bright Door at FBi Social, J. Walker (MT) spoke to Beth about the wealth of experiences he has had as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer over the years. From detuning pianos and Indonesian gamelat to deciding what vitamin Paul Kelly would be – plus a beautiful live rendition of ‘You Can’t Give It Back’ from the album.

  • Thursday Lunch :: Machine Translations interview
  • Machine Translations :: You Can't Give It Back (Live on FBi)

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