Lockdown Culture Guide – Too Stay Too Home: Sydney Drift

August 2nd 2021
Interactive Historical Storytelling

Banjo Morton- The Untold Story

“Banjo Morton- The Untold Story; a free, multimedia, interactive website…In 1949, Banjo led the first walk-off by Aboriginal stockmen when he and his co-workers left Lake Nash cattle station; demanding pay in wages, not rations. Their actions paid off and they were offered £1 per week. Sixty years later, in 2009, Banjo was back at it. This time, he led a walk-off in opposition to the Federal Government’s “Intervention.” The event gained attention from the United Nations. A respected Alyawarra leader, Banjo passed in 2019, and trusted Lara Damiano to share his story. Lara worked on this labour of love for 8 years before finding enough funds to finish the project. The website aims to both educate and celebrate, and is a valuable and free resource for schools, universities, community groups, historians, and the general public.”

Access the interactive multimedia story any time, free, here. 


Art and Ideas Podcast


“CANVAS: Unframing Art & Ideas is a living archive, a quiet conversation, a collision of ideas, a podcast to hear, engage and be enveloped by art. Tune in to thematic episodes bringing together artists, writers and thinkers plus head to fbiradio.com/canvas for episode extras and digital treats.”

Canvas returns Tuesday at 11am on FBi Radio 94.5 FM, or listen back for free, here.

Book Club

CPAC Youth Book Club

You’re invited to join the CPAC Youth Book Club, where we’ll be exploring stories by people of colour (POC). Every month we will spotlight a book from an author of colour, and meet to discuss it in a safe space. We’ll also curate a film, podcast and article to accompany the theme of the book. This August, we’ll be exploring the themes of identity and survival. The book that we’ll be reading is Aftershocks, a memoir by Nadia Owusu.”

Join via zoom, wednesday at 6:30pm, here.

Performance Art

Omelia | R+J RMX

“Technology is now sophisticated enough to write poetry and enter into intelligent dialogue with humans – but what is the role of machines in the creative process? Masters, servants, or just a different set of tools? R+J RMX is a performance work that was developed using Omelia, a revolutionary new technology that enhances collaboration and creativity in story development .Originally built for film-makers and games designers, Omelia draws on connections within any given narrative to create almost-infinite permutations of a script. Together with some of the best dancers and performance creatives in Australia, Omelia pulls apart the classic story of Shakespeare’s doomed lovers, and asks us to reflect on the power of new technology and how it might influence the future of creativity.”

Available to stream throughout 2021, here. 

Storytelling on Screen

High Ground

“A tense outback western from director Stephen Maxwell Johnson (Yolngu Boy), High Ground joins the ranks of recent Australian films like Sweet Country and The Nightingale that wrestle with the violence and injustice of our colonial past. Inspired by true events, a brutal massacre at the hands of local police leaves deep scars within an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory in 1919. One of the lone survivors, Gutjuk (Jacob Junior Nayinggul), is taken into the custody of a local mission. Years later, he’s asked by the very police who murdered his family to help track down his uncle.”

Stream this film anytime for $6.99, here. 

Emerging Writers

Roots - Voices from the SBS Emerging Writers Competition

Roots brings us thirty of the best short memoirs chosen from more than 2000 entries in the inaugural SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition. Offering a snapshot of contemporary Australia, this diverse collection of stories explores love, family, loss, culture, sexual awakening and the abiding connections to people and place that make us who we are. Told with utterly fresh perspectives and a rich vein of literary talent, these stories are an invitation into the unique and intimate worlds of everyday Australians.”

Purchase the book, here. 

At Home Creative Exercises

Lockdown Love

The Biennale of Sydney has devised at-home activities based on participants in the 23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022).” Engage in a series of artistic and creative activities and provocation from, Tabita Rezaire, Milton Becerra, Hera Büyüktaşcıyan online, for free at any time.

Access the resources anytime, here.



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