Listen :: Yumi Zouma talks touring and variety on Arvos with Dom O’Connor

October 9th 2015

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 “We had four band practices before we went on that tour. [They were] the most glorified band practices ever.”

Christie and Sam from four-piece electropop group Yumi Zouma out of Christchurch, New Zealand, paid a visit to the FBi studios all fired up for the release tour of their second EP, II. These guys are no slouches when it comes to music, having supported big acts like Chet Faker and Lorde. They’ve been having a great time on tour, performing in a staggering array of different venues – ranging from the very small to the frankly gigantic.

“The other week we played in a kitchen and then we played to 900 people in Auckland. [It] just teaches you how to adapt.”

They’re clearly up for the challenge, taking their shifting band line-up in stride with two new members hopping on board in recent times. If anything, they relish having to deal with the ever-changing requirements on tour and embracing new sounds and directions for their music.

“It’s never really going to sound exactly like the [first] EP, and if it did it would be kind of boring.”

We can’t wait to see what they change next!

  • Arvos with Dom O'Connor :: Youmi Zuma



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