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May 7th 2015


Germany-via-Manchester’s xxxy delivered a selection of lush classic house & warm dancefloor rhythms on Saturday’s episode of Spin The Bottle.


J: You have just moved to Berlin recently, how are you finding the move creatively?

xxxy: Yeah, I moved last September. Creatively? Not so great.. (laughs) No, I have finished three EPs since I have been there and made another one, so it has been pretty good. It is really relaxed and really calm there. You can kind of lose days just doing nothing and just hanging out and seeing people, there are loads of DJs and producers there.

J: Yeah, and you can kind of party there like seven days a week..

xxxy: Yeah, but I’m more into walking my dog then going out to clubs.

J: You have released your last few EPs on Rinse, but your origins started in dubstep.

xxxy: Yeah I did put out a dubstep record, but under a different name in 2006.

J: Would you ever flirt with your dubstep origins again?

xxxy: I don’t think so, no.

A: Maybe if the resurgence comes back you might feel the urge…

xxxy: Time to whip out those nasty basslines… Probably not!

A: xxxy’s first release that really gained a lot of traction from blogs and listeners was the “You Always Start With It” 10-inch that was released on Doc Daneeka’s label Ten Thousand Yen. How did you link up with him?

xxxy: We were posting on the same internet forums and then I got in contact, we were just chatting over the internet, and I started sending him some tracks over aim… I don’t know if that still exists anymore! He was into them, and wanted to release them so we did it.


A: The records that you have released since then have been quite versatile in the way that you would play them. Was that always the plan?

xxxy: I think the plan was more to not restrict myself to doing one kind of record. To try and have a different sound and for every record to be a bit different, I am still trying to keep on with that.

A: …And learning new skills along the way…

xxxy: Yeah, well if I just open a new project and just start with the same sounds I would just be bored out of my mind.

A: …And end up with the same track probably!

xxxy: Pretty much, but people make whole careers out of that.

A: Is there any producer/DJ that you would ultimately like to collaborate with, a bit of a bucket list?

xxxy: No, not really… I am a really bad collaborator. It is why I got kicked out of my band when I was a kid. I just don’t really like people’s ideas, and I am not afraid to say it, so it is probably best for me not to collaborate with anyone really.


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