Listen: Venus X Mix for Sunset with Kato & Bad Ezzy

March 22nd 2016


  • Venus X :: Interview + mix on Thursday sunset with Kato and Bad Ezzy


Ahead of her gig at Plan B Small Club, iconic New York DJ and founder of the mysterious GHE2O GOTH1C party, Venus X came into the FBi studios for a mix on Thursday Sunset with Kato and Bad Ezzy.

She shared the story of howGHE2O GOTH1C began as an organic party that has bloomed over the past six years. Originating as a bunch of friends who knew each other from childhood or college, they all converged with a whole host of different skills sets – fashion designers, dancers, emcees, DJs, producers, some who are purely there to embody the life of the party.

At the time, everyone needed a place in the city to evolve in his or her respective practice and this is what the party came to be – a place of development and where Venus X herself learnt to DJ. With this self-proclaimed random group of friends has emerged a culture that’s open to everyone.

Listen to the interview and mix above.



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