Listen to Rainbow Chan’s all-Sydney playlist on The Bridge: Sampa The Great, Marcus Whale & more

April 14th 2016


  • Rainbow Chan :: Guest Programs The Bridge


Rainbow Chan joined Ryan Saar on The Bridge this week to play guest selector. After winning our first ever Northern Lights competition in 2011, sending her to the other side of the world to play at Iceland Airwaves Festival alongside Oliver Tank, it’s safe to say we’ve kept a close eye on this lady. Releasing her Long Vacation EP in 2013, she’s since made waves around the country with her unique take on pop.

Now, finally, her first full-length album Spacings is set for release in a couple of months. Rainbow shares some insight into what we can expect from the new release, and how the lead single ‘Nest’ fits into the mix.

“Nest is one of the poppier, brighter songs. A lot of the songs on the album are quite dark. I guess not dark, maybe a bit more spacious and not so upbeat. Maybe a bit more melty and a bit slower. Some of them are actually quite fancy as well, they kind have a dance beat to them.”

Proclaiming her love for Sampa The Great – “I think she’s a total boss” – Rainbow explained her admiration for confident and empowered female artists.

“I just really appreciate female artists that have more control over their image, or are very active about producing their own music or taking the reins in what are more traditionally masculine or male dominated roles. I think that having more visibility and more conversations about representing women in those fields is really important and really necessary.”

Listen to the full hour above, and catch Rainbow Chan launching ‘Nest’ in Sydney this weekend.


Sampa The Great – Blue Boss

Dro Carey – Grow Lithe

Marcus Whale – My Captain

Buoy – Don’t Want To See You

Thomas William – Sleepwalk

Rainbow Chan – Fruit

Rainbow Chan – Haircut




WHAT: ‘Nest’ single launch
WHO: Rainbow Chan, BUOY, Victoria Kim
WHERE: Plan B Small Club, Chinatown
WHEN: Saturday 16 April
HOW MUCH: Free – more info here



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