Listen :: Susie Youssef on Out of the Box

April 22nd 2015

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Comedian Susie Youssef visited the station that SMACed her with a ‘Best on Stage’ award for The Boat People in 2014.

That station is FBi Radio, by the way. We do the SMACs. We also do Out of the Box. Susie was on that show, sharing tunes and stories. Afterwards she was mobbed by the whole team, judging from the above photo. She has since recovered, and is starting a run of shows for Sydney Comedy Festival.

But while she was here, Susie dropped a few advice bombs.

Throughout the hourlong show, Susie will teach you a breathing technique to quell stage fright, give you anti-procrastination pro tips, and ultimately win your heart.

All while playing DJ!

The SMH referred to Susie’s standup as “having the hallmarks of a Tina Fey production”. You can listen to her hour of glory on Out of the Box below. It has the hallmarks of an Ash Berdebes, Rachel Sibley and Ally Koster production. Not as good, but passable.

  • Out Of The Box :: Susie Youssef (12.3.15)


Check out Susie’s full playlist here.


WHAT :: Susie Youssef in ‘Owl Eyes On You’
WHERE :: The Factory Theatre, Marrickville
WHEN :: Sunday 3 May at 7:30pm; Sunday 17 May at 7:30pm
HOW MUCH :: $22 concession / $25 adult here


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