Listen :: Spring Romance Tips from Wooing With Wise Guys

September 8th 2014

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Spring is upon us. As the clouds part and you emerge from hibernation ready to hit the dating scene, it’s time to go back to the basics.

To give you a leg up on getting your leg over, here are a couple of tips from some local wise guys.


Rhys Nicholson – Stay cool, kids

Keeping up cool appearances is crucial. But how long should you play cool?


Edan Lacey – Remember dancefloor etiquette

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the days of gentlemen and bonnet-wearing maidens, it’s that the main arena of courtship is still the dancefloor. But how do you the right sort of attention on the df?


Phil Spencer – Use your words

Language can be sexy. But some words and phrases can work against you…


Donny Benét – Respect, love and good food

It’s all about respect. Flashback to the eternal advice the girls got from Sydney’s no. 1 sophisticated lover.


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