Listen :: New Navy’s ‘Goodbye’ and last farewell

April 21st 2015

new navy

Yesterday morning came the sad news that Australian group New Navy have made the decision to hang up their guitars for good.

This three-piece band from Melbourne, comprised of Luke O’LoughlinJames Chave-Dubois, and Jamie Corson, has come a long way since the release of their first EP Uluwatu back in 2011. Their single ‘Zimbabwe’ has reached 1 million plays on Spotify, and they have shared the stage with groups like Metronomy, as well as performing a sold-out show at the Metro Theatre. There is no doubt that they and their bouncing, bopping brand of indie pop will be missed by their fans.

From the farewell message on the New Navy Facebook page:

It is with incredible sadness today that we announce that we have decided to hang up our guitars and call it a day. We would like to give a huge, gracious, goodbye hug to all of you, thank you for enjoying our music, coming to our shows, wearing our T-Shirts and generally being here with us on this journey.

However, they’ve chosen not to slink off into the annals of music history quietly, not only releasing a special farewell song ‘Goodbye’ to accompany their parting message, but also promising the posthumous release of their written and recorded, first and final debut album sometime in the next few months. If you haven’t heard much of their music before but love the curiously upbeat-yet-sad tones of ‘Goodbye’, you can go and check out their tracks on the New Navy Soundcloud.


You can also check out their live performance of ‘Regular Town’ from when they came to FBi Radio back in 2013:



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