Listen :: Montaigne Interview + Live Song on Monday Arvos

May 12th 2015

montaigne nick

When someone’s philosophical writings resonate with your approach in life and you wish to convey this approach through your music, it seems a perfectly reasonable choice to name yourself after that philosopher. A kind of tribute to their works. That is exactly what Montaigne did, philosopher Michel de Montaigne being her namesake.

She described this to Nicholas Watts on Arvos along with the excitement surrounding her FBi SMAC Award win and her first national headlining tour.

Last year, Montaigne came on FBi and did a very moving live performance of her “I Am A Fantastic Wreck. With that precedent, we were pretty excited by the prospect of another live performance – this time of her single “I Am Not An End” live in studio. She didn’t let us down, listen below to hear for yourself.

  • Monday Arvos :: Montaigne Interview + Live Song
  • Montaigne :: I Am Not An End (Live in Studio)



Listen: Montaigne “I Am A Fantastic Wreck” live on FBi

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