Listen :: Katalyst’s Quakers Podcast

March 20th 2012

Not all musical collaborations should be a Thing. Some crash and burn at their well-apart poles, ripping at your innards and making you rue the day threw a novelty cheque at Mick Jagger’s manager.

However, there are some team ups that just work. Bon Iver frolicing through the merry fields of electrofolk with James Blake. The Hives adding a touch of Swedish class to the tunes of Timbaland. And Quakers.

Quakers is a staggering 35-member hip-hop collective orbiting three Big Deal producers – Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow of Portishead), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7-Stu-7 (Stuart Matthews). This is a Dream Team so in tune they put their own three faces together:



There are damp pant seats city-wide awaiting the 41-track debut album release from this crew, which drops on Fuse/Stones Throw on March 27. The lead single “Fitta Happier” feat. Guilty Simpson & MED has delighted eardrums for the past few weeks, avalisten right here.

But for the already whet appetites and wet pants around these parts, Quakers have put together a lil’ summin-summin…

Cue the Hip-Hop Quake Mix by Quakers-member Katalyst, a cracking 40-minute set featuring bits and pieces which made for inspiration for the Quakers trio. Get your greedy little ears all over it; the podcast is available for download for free on iTunes here.






The stash is heee-yah.


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