Listen: Jess Ribeiro interview + live song on Mornings with Stephen Ferris

October 13th 2015

  • Mornings with Stephen Ferris :: Jess Ribeiro Interview + Live Song
  • Jess Ribeiro :: Kill It Yourself (Live in Studio)

“On Sunday nights we’d play Dean Martin because that was when the grandparents came over.”

Former Nick Cave backing singer and now solo musician Jess Ribeiro was in Sydney for just one show on her Australian tour, and joined FBi’s Stephen Ferris on Mornings with some great tales and a live performance of the title track from her album Kill It Yourself. They talked a bit about her childhood experiences with her dad who supposedly “learned all his English from Cheech and Chong records.”

“The most exciting thing to do was to get on the train, go to Sydney and go to Red Eye Records or something which was so exciting because we didn’t have that in the country.”

Apart from her time with Nick Cave, Jess’s latest album was recorded with the help of prominent Australian musician and Cave collaborator Mick Harvey, who she admits to foolishly having invited once to a Nick Cave concert.

“I was driving through the desert in America and I was listening to PJ Harvey’s last album [and thought] Mick Harvey must be related to PJ Harvey, oh he knows Nick Cave, I’m going to contact him.”

And what was it like hanging out with the big Bad Seed himself?

“I went to the football with him and he was very gentlemanly, and then he changed. He went at a security guard.”


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