Listen :: Elizabeth Rose – ‘The Good Life (Emoh Instead ‘Poolside’ Mix)’

December 11th 2013

Emoh Instead

Elizabeth Rose’s SMAC-nominated song may have just won even more hearts with a remix from Emoh Instead.

‘The Good Life’ was released by Elizabeth Rose a few months ago. It channeled club-centric sounds inspired by the  UK’s current garage and house revival, all of which was lacquered with a glorious pop sheen. The track is catchier than most infectious diseases and has been nominated for ‘Best Song’ in the FBi SMAC Awards for good reason, but this remix from Emoh Instead might just be the perfect rerub for summertime.

In his solo work and as half of What So Not with Flume, Emoh Instead tends to produce tunes with a heavy hip hop slant and plenty of bass to go around. With this one though, he keeps things light and bouncy like a pavlova on a bloody trampoline m8. It’s just begging to be played at a summer festival at the exact moment that you cop a cup of water to the face. That water is guaranteed to evaporate before the end of the song due to intense body heat / dancing times.

Get this tropicool track inside you immediately.


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