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February 26th 2013


“Live music has to win out over nimbyism.”

– Mayor of Leichhardt, Darcy Byrne

The recent announcement that the Annandale was going into receivership soured the Sydney air and the social mediasphere. Court bills relating to noise complaints are at the root of the Annandale’s problems – with those bills exceeding $200,000.

It’s high time that the fate of live music in Sydney got some proper discussion. Mayor of Leichardt (where the Annandale is situated) Darcy Byrne has promised some big things in terms of supporting live music in the area. Byrne says we need to support venues like the Annandale so that start-ups can progress into the music industry, and that he wants his municipality to be a hub for live music.

In direct response to the Annandale’s issues, Byrne started the Labor Loves Live Music petition. More than 1500 people signed the online petition in the first 24 hours of it going live. Now it’s over 2500.

Backchat, FBi’s new current affairs program with A.H. Cayley and Catherine Kelleher, spoke to Byrne in one of its first broadcasts – and he came out guns blazing (figuratively), saying councils and councillors have been susceptible to pandering to nimbyism. Backchat followed up with Byrne again the next week to discuss the issues of noise restrictions, the ‘good neighbour policy’ and Black Wire Records.


“Just because young people are too busy to turn up to boring old council meetings doesn’t mean that elected representatives can ignore their passions.”  – Darcy Byrne


Backchat with Darcy Byrne Part 1: 16.02.13

Backchat with Darcy Byrne Part 2: 23.02.13


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