Listen: Caitlin Park ‘Hunt For The Young’ live on Mornings

September 17th 2015

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“I played in a massive tent. The guy who made the tent was there and it was like $150,000 worth of tent.”

FBi SMAC award winner Caitlin Park paid us a visit on Mornings to reminisce about some of the more exciting places she’s been to play recently, and give a live performance of ‘Hunt for the Young’ off her second album The Sleeper. Caitlin recently headed up to Darwin with her two new band members, Leroy Lee and Joe Gould, and had a great time cruising with the crocodiles.

“We saw about 15 salties. The only way I could describe [the smell] is imagine the smell of a skin rash.”

But the rest of the experience certainly didn’t stink — Caitlin had an amazing time playing up at Darwin Festival. The only other experience she had that could really compare was when she flew up to Manchester in the UK and “played at a little pub where some of Alice in Wonderland was written.”

Alex Pye chatted with Caitlin ahead of her performance at Newtown Social Club as part of her ‘The Sleeper Awake‘ tour, just before the self-described ‘subtronica’ artist heads off to cloister herself in the studio to record album number three! We can’t wait to hear more — as she says:

“Electronic music is seeping into everybody’s veins, I think.”

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