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August 1st 2013


Hold on to your panties. Black Vanilla just put out a new mixtape.

After convincing us that BV was a live project that wouldn’t be releasing music, the boys have just slipped their debut mixtape ‘Black On Black On Black‘ onto bandcamp. With a tracklisting that ranges from ‘Call Your Husband’ (the first single and instant FBi fave), ‘Natural Feeling’ and ‘Dominatrix’, you know this means serious bedroom business.

Black Vanilla is Sydney threesome is Lips, Lockheart, DJ Plead – who you probably know better as Scissor Lock / that guy from Collarbones, Guerre and Marseilles, or even just Marcus, Lavurn and Jarred. You know these boys from all the dirtiest dancefloors of the last couple of years, where they’ve been both behind the decks and behind you, twerking.

Expertly mastered by Marty Peralta and produced by the three BV beatsmiths, Black On Black On Black is shamelessly throwback and deliciously sleazy. It’s rnb revival to the next level, beyond the next level… It’s Justin Timberlake and Ashanti in the shower together, with bass shaking the glass.

Call your husband, you’re gonna be late.


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