Listen :: B Deep ‘Island Hopping Through The Stratosphere’

March 4th 2014

b deep stratosphere

Dive in. Swim on. Float up. Thaw out.

While spending some time illin’ at his parents’ house, Melbourne bedroom talent Louis Roach (aka B Deep) has put together a fresh collection of tunes through the Sydney-based Skydreams label. The product of spending dizzy days and fever nights digging up some optimism, Island Hopping Through The Stratosphere is a half-hour bad-vibe vaccine.

Sprawled over the 10 tracks are warm samples melted and warped into coasting hip-hop beats and cruising electro-pop. The album occasionally dips its toes into some darker water, sending a chill or two through your limbs, but these moments are fleeting enough to have you thawing out in no time.

You can grab other Skydreams releases and compilations on their bandcamp page, HERE.



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